Full Stack Developer
I am looking forward to join a progressive organization. I am Goal oriented, self-motivated and committed to the successful outcome of the project. I am willing to work hard and have a great desire to learn.
I have good knowledge of Python, JavaScript, React, MongoDb, Express, MySQL. I also worked with industry level tools like JIRA, Github.
I am an intermediate-level Python developer with a strong passion for writing clean, efficient, and maintainable code. My expertise lies in data analysis with Pandas and NumPy, and building machine learning models with libraries like scikit-learn. I had completed a guided project of Data analysis using Pandas and NumPy on Coursera. I have been consistently using Python as my preferred language to solve problems on LeetCode and HackerRank, further strengthening my Python proficiency.
I have strong proficiency in React, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. I excel in state management using React hooks and Redux, building modular component architectures, and implementing client-side routing with React Router.I have developed responsive and interactive web applications using React, such as Webrly that allows users to create personalized portfolios and Tech Talk a feature-rich chat application which allows chatting with friends and groups of friend.
I possess a strong proficiency in Node.js, leveraging this expertise to create a full-stack project that showcases my ability to build robust, server-side applications, handle real-time data, and enhance user experiences.
I have cultivated a deep and comprehensive proficiency in Next.js, demonstrating my ability to design and develop full-stack applications utilizing Node.js. I am particularly adept at optimizing web performance by employing advanced techniques in both static site generation and incremental site generation. My experience extends to crafting high-quality, dynamic websites that deliver exceptional user experiences, ensuring efficient, responsive, and feature-rich applications
Webrly project
Webrly represents a MERN-based academic project that allows users to create personalized portfolios. Users can input their name, skills, a brief story, previous projects, and testimonies. The site utilizes Tailwind CSS for a visually appealing design.It empowers individuals to showcase their talents and stand out in the job market. I bulid multiple page app using react , generate various apis using Rest Api, connected databasese used MongoDb and cloud services like vercel for hosting.
Tech Talk
Tech-talk - Developed a feature-rich chat application which allows chatting with friends and groups of friends . In this project, we utilized Node.js, Express, Mongoose,, MongoDB, JWT, and Bcrypt to develop a robust and secure application. Designed and developed frontend components using React.js and Tailwind for an intuitive user interface
"Projjwal is a competent full stack developer who consistently delivers solid results."
Kumar Prafull
"Working with Projjwal was a good experience. He have decent full stack development skills."
"Projjwal is not only a skilled developer but also a pleasure to work with. Their positive attitude and collaborative nature make them a great team player."
Kumar Shubham